• What is the idea?

    We hope that THATCamp Luxembourg/Trier will start a tradition of un-conferences in the greater region that bring together humanists / computer scientists / digital media artists – basically everybody who is interested in the fusion of history, culture, heritage and digital media.
    But what makes THATCamp different from your Doktorvaters old conference:

    • THATCamp is about doing, about acting, communicating and enabling rather than listening and preaching.
    • There are no paper deadlines, no lengthy presentations and probably not even a keynote.

    Instead everybody will have the opportunity to propose sessions and topics on site. Maybe to reflect upon issues raised at the DHLU Symposium the day before, maybe to discuss an issue you face in your research from in a interdisciplinary perspective, maybe to fertilize your own research with different problems and points of view.

    Will it be scientific? Probably not in a strict sense. But it will be definitely a great point of departure for generating new research ideas.

    Will it be efficient?  You will tell us in the end. THATCamp Luxembourg/Trier will be one big experiment where people from different disciplines, with different research topics, who speak different languages meet.

    Will it be serious? No pain no gain That depends on your idea of serious. Definitely it will be a lot of work: we are all professionals and we want to get something out of the time we spent. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.


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