• Organizers

    THATCamp Luxembourg – Trier 2012 is organized by the CVCE in Sanem, Luxembourg and the Center for Digital Humanities at the University of Trier.


    The CVCE is an interdisciplinary research and documentation centre dedicated to the European integration process. Its mission is to create, publish and transfer knowledge in an innovative digital environment. And it is in the remarkable setting of the 700-year-old Château de Sanem that this institution pursues its activities. At the heart of the CVCE’s vision is a desire to share the results of its studies and research activities on the European integration process with as broad a public as possible, driven by the conviction that it is vital to understand the past if we want to  participate in the building of our future. This meeting of past and present is summed up in the CVCE’s slogan: Knowing the past to build the future.

    Center for Digital Humanities 

    The Trier Center for Digital Humanities is a modern, international research and service institute. Part of the Faculty of Language,
    Literature and Medieval Studies in the University of Trier, it is supported through the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Weiterbildung und Kultur (Ministry for Education, Science and Culture) of the State Rhineland-Palatinate. The center aims to make
    use of technologies from the domain of Informatics in the Arts and Humanities and to advance and further develop research methods
    connected to this field. Its expertise includes not only the development of forward looking and exemplary methods of problem solving in the areas of digital reference works, editions and primary sources, it also participates in new initiatives that address the building of
    knowledge networks and distributed science management.

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