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"9/11 Hype"

I'm disgusted and not at all surprised at home many
TV shows will hype this anniversary. Only we can turn
tragedy into product. I don't want to sit watch and
read as media turns this into a day of maudlin drek
journalism. I'm turning my TV off that day.

I'm going to the park. I'm going to breathe the air
and listen as children and teenagers play. I want to
see children venture futher from their parents and
climb higher on Jungle Jims then they ever have
before. I want to see another generation of young
discover excitment that life can bring and the promise
of more wonder. I want to watch them pound soccer
balls and basketballs, throw baseballs and ride
skateboards. I see just as many girls as boys at the
park now playing sports. And after they are done they
mingle with the boys at the water fountain or soda
machine and flirt or build on existing relationships.
In the midst, my teenage son laughing and joking.
Maybe I'll be able that day to find out if that blond
girl he seems to talk to the most is the same one who
calls the house. He won't tell.

I'll think of other people I don't know, but who's
deaths touched me deeply. They won't sit in the park.
But I'll remember them again and dedicate the joy that
these children bring to me, to them.

Maybe TV should do like the Food Channell intends on
doing . Just go away for the day, with only a graphic
on screen and some music just to let people now they
are taking the day off. Maybe we should just look at
each other and take the time to remember the beauty of
a good breath of air in a park and think of those who
can't be there. That's what I'm going to do that day.

I don't want to see the president or hear a canned
speech, designed by handlers to make him look better.
I don't want to hear Dick Cheney, or look at Osama Bin
Ladens face. I don't want to hear about Saddam
Hussein or look at another replay of file footage of
him shooting guns off on a balcony. I don't want to
see Bill Clinton give that concerned face that the
pundits say connected so well with the public. I
don't want to be connected with. I don't want to see
dour faced news anchors talking into replay's of
planes crashing into the World Trade Center buildings.
I don't want to see footage of crowds screaming
""Death to America"". I dont want to hear or see Donald
Rumsfeld use that day to tell me why we must put our
sons and daughters, husbands and wives, in harms way
against Sadamm. I haven't made my mind up on that yet.
And on that day I'll be to emotional to give it the
logic and reason that decision needs. I just don't
want to be used by politicians for votes or corporate
media outlets for ratings.

I just want to celebrate life and remember those who's
deaths makes this day so much more special for me,
quietly and with dignity.


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