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I was in my car taking two foster children to a visit with their birth mother.
At first when I heard it from our local radio station I thought it was a dumb joke, then thought well maybe it was a small private plane with engine trouble to take it that close to the towers. Soon I knew it was real so went home to watch the world coverage of it. It was so horriable it took me a time to realize the mass loss of lives that were happening in front of my eyes. The employees that were trapped inside there and the rescue people going in to help that lost their lifes.
Our schools 8th graders were on their way to a Ecological trip to Cape Cod and the bus was notified to turn around and come home, we wanted our children where we could see them and hold them close. I have to admit I stayed glued to the TV for days for word of any survivors. My children watched when they could and I think gained a greater respect for the way our country and our people came together to help each other.
I volunteer for the Red Cross blood drives and the next day we did our regular scheduled drive, we had to keep the building open until past midnight that day. We do sandwiches and refreshments for the donors but this time we had food coming in from local stores and our Middlebury College people. The outpooring was fantastic.
My nephew works at the Pentagon and we did not know that he was not at work that day as he was leaving in the late afternoon on a business trip. It was a time for all of us to gather and pray for the ones we lost and the ones left behind that will never forgt that day.


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